Terms of Use

By using the website www.funme.bg, any menu, category or sub-category, section or subsection thereof, as well as with the emergence, development and termination of any legal relationship arising from the use of this site, you provide your consent to be bound by the present General Terms and Conditions for the use of the site, as well as by all other terms and conditions regulating separate legal relationships conditioned by its use.
The binding of the General and profiled conditions is applicable both to the current configuration of the website and to all changes made to it in the form of additions and amendments or the introduction of new menus, categories, sections and others. If you do not agree with the above or do not wish to provide your consent to be bound by the General or Special Terms of the Website, you are not allowed to visit it, use it or be a party to any legal relationship determined by it.
I. General conditions
1). These general terms and conditions constitute a contract for the provision by “FunMe” EOOD of its own website funme.bg, for the remote offering of gift certificates, performed by partner companies of the company with potential buyers-users, and regulate the rights and obligations of Internet users the site funme.bg, owned by “FunMe” EOOD.
2). Parties to this contract are “FunMi” EOOD – a company registered on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, with its registered office and management address: Sofia 1172, “Izgrev” district, Dianabad housing complex, block 21, entrance D, floor 3, apartment 98, EIK 206045787, phone +359 877 58 36 15 on the one hand and every user who has loaded the internet funme.bg on the other.
3). The user declares that he is familiar with the present terms of use, and any active action on his part, or maintaining passive behavior after the website www.funme.bg is loaded in the browser, constitutes an electronic declaration of consent that he agrees to the present terms. for use.
4). An active action is clicking/pressing/selecting an electronic link or advertising banner, taking the user to other internet pages from the funme.bg site.
5). Keeping passive behavior means not leaving the site after it has loaded in the user’s browser.
II. Explanation of some terms
Users declare that they are aware of and agree to the definitions of the following terms:
An internet site/shop is a set of internet pages, with a common title internet page that is loaded in your browser, when you enter the email address www.funme.bg;
User/Client of an internet page or site is any person (potential buyer of the offered offers) who entered the e-mail address or reached the internet page or site through redirection from another internet site and agrees, if interested, to make purchases on goods and/or services electronically;
Interface – a combination of graphic objects associated with program code, through which the user communicates with the Internet site in a way accessible to him.
Platform – a set of conceptual, programming and graphic solutions, making up a complete product providing an accessible environment to the user to the possibilities of the Internet space.
FunMe Partner Company – a company that provides and performs services whose voucher certificates are available on the funme.bg website
Browser – a computer program providing the ability to transfer, process and visualize data using various types of data transfer protocols.
An electronic link is a link indicated on a particular Internet page that allows automated referral to another Internet page, information resource, or object through standardized protocols.
Malicious actions are actions or omissions that violate Internet ethics or cause harm to persons connected to the Internet or associated networks, sending unsolicited mail (Unsolicited commercial messages, SPAM), gaining access to resources with foreign rights and passwords, using of flaws in systems for one’s own benefit or obtaining information (HACK), carrying out actions that can be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage, damaging or destroying systems or information arrays (CRACK), sending “Trojan horses” or causing the installation of viruses or remote control systems, disturbing the normal work of other Internet users and associated networks, performing any actions that can be qualified as a crime or an administrative violation under Bulgarian legislation or under other applicable law .
Information system / System is any individual device or set of interconnected or similar devices, which, in the execution of a certain program, provides automatic data processing.
Web page for the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions means a constituent and separate part of a website.
IP Address (“IP address”) is a unique identification number associating a computer, Internet page or user resource in a way that allows its location in the global Internet network.
Password is a code of letters, numbers and characters which, together with the username, individualizes the user, and which, together with the username, serves to access his user profile.
Username is a unique code of letters, numbers and characters chosen by the user, by means of which he is individualized in his relationship with the Contractor;
User profile is a separate part of the website of “FunMe” EOOD, containing information about the user, required by www.funme.bg, stored with him, used and processed solely and only for the purposes of Art. 4, para. 1, item 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, and access to the user profile by the user takes place by entering a username and password. The user profile also serves the communication between the user and “FunMi” EOOD.
A random event is an unforeseen circumstance at the time of the conclusion of the contract, an extraordinary circumstance that makes the provision of services objectively impossible.
Website / Site (“website”) is a designated place in the global Internet network, accessible through its unified address (URL) under the HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol and containing files, programs, text, sound, picture, image or other materials and resources.
Advance payment is a way of paying for the goods/services ordered by the User, by transferring funds to the account of FunMi EOOD before receiving the ordered goods/services.
Gift certificate – a document issued by a partner company of FunMi, which the user/customer receives in electronic form or on paper and which certifies that the user/customer has paid for the advertised product or service in full or in part and accordingly can benefit from her. The certificate issued by “FunMi” EOOD is not a means of payment, cannot be used as such and cannot be exchanged for its monetary equivalent. It only certifies to the partner company that payment has been made for a certain package with included goods or services for which the document was issued. This document will be referred to below as the Purchase/Sale Agreement.
Visual presentation of the services/goods (photographic material) on the www.funme.bg site only shows the type of activity offered by the service provider, and does not represent the actual performance of the service by the provider. There is a possible discrepancy between the implementation of the service, the location of the offer, the type of equipment and others, for which funme.bg is not responsible.
Description of the services/goods on the funme.bg site includes information about the service/goods provided by the specific supplier. A discrepancy between the description of the service and its implementation is possible, depending on unforeseen circumstances, unfavorable weather conditions or others for which funme.bg is not responsible.
Targovets is the owner of the online store funme.bg – “FunMe” EOOD, with headquarters and management address Sofia 1172, “Izgrev” district, Dianabad housing complex, block 21, entrance D, floor 3, apartment 98
An order is a request for the purchase of goods/services from the website under the conditions stipulated therein regarding the method of delivery and payment by the user/customer.
A service is any action by “FunMi” EOOD on the occasion of an order made by a user/client regarding the products offered on the online store.
III. Subject of the contract.
1). “FunMe” EOOD provides users with a platform for online shopping, through its website www.funme.bg, under the conditions of a contract for distance sales within the meaning of Art. 45 et seq. of the Consumer Protection Act, exercising the powers given to him under this contract.
2). The distance sales contract, through which the user purchases goods/services using the platform provided by “FunMi” EOOD, is different from these general terms and conditions, as when making an electronic statement to conclude the sales contract, the user agrees as with the present general terms and conditions, as well as with the content of the distance sales contract (certificate) providing for advance payment, available in a prominent place in the sales interface.
3). “FunMi” EOOD is not responsible in the following cases:
– For damages caused by other sites accessible through links/banners placed on this site;
– For a case in which the customer is not qualified for the service purchased from “FunMi” EOOD.
– For possible defects and/or other claim liability regarding the services/goods purchased by the user through the funme.bg site, as well as if conditions announced on the site turn out to be wrong or misleading;
– For the quality of the provided goods or services purchased from the site, offered by partner companies (contractors). All questions arising in connection with this shall be resolved between the user and the contractor who provided the particular good or service.
– For violation of copyright and related rights through the positioning of materials subject to these rights, provided by third parties, promoting through the Internet site owned by “FunMi” EOOD;
– For all damages caused to users when providing the service;
– If the user forgets his account, logs on to a computer or in any other way allows and/or allows it to be used by third parties who abused his registration;
– For the damages that occurred in the absence or interruption of accessibility to the funme.bg website, independent of the team of the same.
4). The user name with which the user registers does not give him any other rights, except the right to use the specific user name within the information system of “FunMi” EOOD. When the user changes his username “FunMi” EOOD does not check and is not responsible for the authenticity of the new username, for whether it affects the rights of third parties and in particular the right to a name or other personal rights, the right to a trade name (company) , trademark right or other intellectual property rights.
5). The user undertakes, when using the access granted to him to the electronic platform: to comply with Bulgarian legislation, applicable foreign laws, these General Terms and Conditions, Internet ethics, rules of morality and good manners; not to harm the good name of others and not to call for a violent change of the constitutionally established order, to commit a crime, to violence against the person or to incite racial, national, ethnic or religious enmity, not to preach fascist or other anti-democratic ideology, not to violate someone else’s property or non-property rights, including intellectual property rights; to immediately notify “FunMi” EOOD of any case of committed or detected violation; not to interfere with the proper operation of the system, including, but not limited to, not to thwart the identification procedure of another user, not to access outside of the one provided, not to impair or impede the availability, reliability or quality of the access provided, and to does not use it in a way that causes a refusal to use it; not to extract by technical means or in a technical way information resources or parts of information resources belonging to the databases located on the website of “FunMi” EOOD and thus not to create its own database in electronic or other form; not to impersonate another person or otherwise mislead third parties about his identity or his belonging to a certain group of people; not to commit malicious acts within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions.
6). Except in cases where it is expressly agreed, the user may not reproduce, change, delete, publish, distribute and publicize in any other way the information resources published on the website of “FunMi” EOOD.
Explanation of the technical steps by a user-buyer to conclude a distance purchase-sale contract via the website www.funme.bg
1). By loading the main website www.funme.bg, the user gets the opportunity to familiarize himself in detail with a published offer, which in most cases refers to the purchase and sale of an offered product/service. In a prominent place, the user can familiarize himself with the data of the company, the owner of the Internet site and the General Terms and Conditions for the use of the site.
2). By taking an active action – selecting a link, banner, active button or picture, the user declares that he is familiar with the General Terms of Use of the site.
3). In the event that the user wishes to conclude a contract through the platform provided to him, he should reach a page – a part of the site containing a specially prepared interface, through which the user will make the electronic declaration of will to conclude a distance purchase-sale contract. A purchase of a service/goods from the website www.funme.bg can be made by a registered or unregistered user who, in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions, provides the data necessary for the conclusion and execution of the contract.
4). The user-buyer, after familiarizing himself with the General Terms and Conditions and the text of the sales contract, should be aware that the sales contract is concluded not with the owner of the site, but with an explicitly mentioned third party, who is announced after making order. The trader is also a user of the website www.funme.bg, using the provided electronic platform for distance shopping and promotion of the goods/services offered by him.
5). The payment of the price under the contract is carried out through the methods comprehensively listed on the site, and making the payment is, on the one hand, a voluntary statement by the user that he agrees to pay for the service, on the other hand, it represents an electronic declaration of will by the user that he agrees to the General Terms terms of use of the site and terms of purchase and sale, which he himself has read, approved and chosen so far.
6). After concluding the contract, the user receives a message to the email address provided during registration, about the successful acceptance of his electronic declaration of intent, which is a confirmation that the contract has been concluded. From there on, the parties to the contract are governed by the General Terms and Conditions.
7). Any change in the circumstances related to the contract is communicated to the user by sending an electronic message to the email address provided during registration. Transfers of sums of money from www.funme.bg to users of the site are carried out only by bank transfer, and all transaction costs that were incurred in connection with the transferred amount are at the expense of the receiving user.
Order, Payment and Shipping
Gift certificate orders from funme.bg are accepted and processed every business day, unless otherwise noted. Users are also notified by e-mail about the receipt and confirmation of orders from funme.bg.
Each order includes the following mandatory elements: order number; products ordered, number, unit price and total value; type of certificate and value; payment method; total price of the order; shipping address; data about the service provider and its location.
The final price of the order is calculated as the sum of the prices of the ordered services. All prices in the funme.bg online store are in Bulgarian leva with VAT included. The prices of the products do not include the price of the gift certificate in a gift envelope and its delivery.
“FunMe” EOOD reserves the right to change the prices of the products offered on the funme.bg platform.
The gift certificate of “FunMi” EOOD is available in 1 variant – an electronic certificate.
Payment methods:
Funme.bg provides the following options for paying for certificates:
– bank transfer
– with debit/credit card
– with a profile in the ePay.bg system.
“FunMi” EOOD assumes all transaction fees when purchasing a voucher.
No additional fees after initial purchase.
Pay by bank transfer:
Payment of a certificate by bank transfer can be made by bank transfer or at the cash desk, to the funme.bg bank account:
IBAN: BG24UBBS80021092119140
Bank: United Bulgarian Bank
Basis for payment: YOUR ORDER CODE (NUMBER)
After placing an order and choosing this payment method, the user must pay within 24 hours by bank transfer or deposit the amount due to the company account with a cash receipt in a bank. After receiving payment, a representative of funme.bg sends the certificate according to the already confirmed method and delivery terms.
Payment with a profile in the www.epay.bg system
Payment through the ePay.bg system can only be made if the user has registered on the site and has a debit or credit card to his account. Through the ePay.bg system, payments can be made with Visa Classic, Visa Electron, Maestro, Master Card, Euroline, Borika cards. When choosing this payment method, the user is redirected to the ePay.bg site, from where the instructions on the site must be followed. After receiving payment, a representative of www.funme.bg sends the certificate according to the already confirmed method and delivery terms. “FunMi” EOOD does not collect, store and in any way does not have access to information about the data from the users’ cards.
– Credit and Debit Card Payment
Payment for a certificate ordered through funme.bg can be made by credit card or debit card. Supported cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, Master Card, etc. After receiving payment, a representative of funme.bg sends the certificate according to the already confirmed method and delivery terms. “FunMi” EOOD does not collect, store and in any way does not have access to information about the data from the users’ cards.
Shipping Methods:
The electronic certificate is sent free of charge to the e-mail address specified by the customer.
Running Services:
1). A customer who has placed an electronic order for a service has the commitment and responsibility to download and print the conditions for use of the relevant service, which were sent to him by the Merchant at the e-mail indicated by him, and to provide them to the user.
2). The certificates are not named and can be used by third parties (the name of the buyer indicated on the voucher may be different from the holder of the voucher)
3). The services are performed after a reservation has been made according to the procedure described by the Merchant and against a paper certificate and an identity document provided to the contractor.
4). The contractor has the right to refuse the performance of the service in the event that the items described in point 3) are not presented. documents or in case of doubting their authenticity, as well as to cancel the performance of the service due to unforeseen reasons.
4.1). The contractor reserves the right to impose restrictions on height, weight and other factors related to the end customer in order to properly perform the service and minimize risk.
Reservations for performance of services:
5). The terms of reservation for the performance of the services offered by the online store are different (according to the specifics of the service) and are described in the terms of use of the specific service, as well as in the instructions for use described on the certificate.
6). Reservations are dependent on the workload of the bases and must be made according to the serial number of a valid certificate.
7). A reservation for the performance of a service is considered confirmed/made after the Customer’s request and the date and time fixed/indicated by the Merchant (time-when appropriate) electronically or through a telephone conversation between the two parties and/or on e -mail specified by the client.
8). A confirmed/made reservation can be canceled a minimum of 48 hours or more before the event /according to the terms of use of the specific service/.
8.1). In case of cancellation of an already made reservation after the period specified in item 8, the user loses the right to use the certificate.
8.2). Reservations based on certificates with expired validity are not made. Such certificates are invalid and services related to them cannot be used.
8.3). An already confirmed reservation can be canceled by the Merchant and/or the supplier due to bad weather conditions or in other cases of impossibility to perform the service, independent of the Merchant and/or the supplier. In such cases, reservations will be rebooked for other dates convenient for the customer.
8.4). If you lose your voucher code/number, send an inquiry to info@funme.bg.
Use granted:
9). The use of the service may be delegated to third parties.
Validity of performance of services:
10). The certificates for each service have a validity according to its specifics. The validity of each certificate is printed on it.
11). Each certificate can be used within the validity period written on its face. Services to expired certificates are not running!
12). The validity of the certificate can be extended in case of an inquiry to our e-mail (info@funme.bg) before the expiry of its current validity. In case of extension, the new validity of the certificate is added to the old one and is for a period of time equal to half of the validity of the corresponding service in the online store.
13). The trader has the right to refuse the extension under the previous point at his discretion according to the specifics of the service.
14). When a product (service) is out of stock or in the event that the service is no longer offered, the customer has the right to replace his voucher.
VII. Change and cancellation of order
When changing the order, the user is not obligated to purchase a service of the same value. If an invoice has been issued, it is canceled or a credit note is issued. In the case of a card payment method, the amount is refunded with a credit operation on the account of the same card.
On the basis of Art. 50 of the Civil Code, the user has the right to cancel the order remotely without giving a reason, without owing compensation or a penalty and without paying any costs, with the exception of the costs provided for in Art. 54, para. 3 and Art. 55, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the certificate in electronic or paper form by the user or by a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the user, or when the user has ordered many services with one order that are performed separately , starting from the date on which the user or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the user accepts the last certificate.
The right of refusal can only be exercised if the following conditions are necessarily met: the luxury packaging of the certificate is not damaged; the user has provided “FunMi” EOOD with the purchase documents for the goods, namely: the issued certificate certifying the purchase of the service (received in electronic version or on paper in the form of a certificate in luxury packaging).
In the case of exercising the right to refuse an order from a distance, the user must send or hand over the certificate (received in electronic version or on paper in the form of a certificate in luxury packaging) back to “FunMi” EOOD no later than 14 calendar days, counted from the date on which the user notified “FunMi” EOOD of his decision to cancel the order. Until the moment of the handing over of the certificate by the user to “FunMi” EOOD, the risk of its accidental damage is borne entirely by the user.
, in which he was informed of the consumer’s request to cancel the order.